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There are two perspectives to see success, one from the eyes of an achiever and another from the eyes of other people. As not everyone is aware of the beliefs, vision, and struggles they had, here follows the story of Chris Salis, a start-up advisor and a tech industry veteran, to describe the journey and traits of a high-flier.

Prowess of Chris Salis

Chris Salis is known for giving excellent results in companies he has worked with. He began his journey with Adecco Employment Services as the manager of IT Procurement and worked there for more than 2 years. After giving the company a booming result, he joined Gap Inc. and served the company as the manager of Strategic Sourcing.

Christopher Salis has also worked with eBay as the manager of Strategic Sourcing, Operational Excellence, and Procurement. Later on, he joined Business Objects, where he served for nearly 4 years in different positions.

Inspiring Run of Chris Salis

Christopher began as the Senior Manager of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing. However, with his efforts and skills, he was able to become the senior director of Global Go-To-Market Process and Project Management and later Executive Director.

Apart from Business Objects, he has also served SAP for nearly six years. Chris Salis in SAP began as the Vice President and Head of Global Sales, and with his enormous efforts, he was able to become Global Vice President.

While earning his extensive experience of almost two decades, Christopher Salis has also led several teams and guided his colleagues as well. He is of the belief that employees are the most valuable asset for any company. That is why he never fails to inspire and guide his peer.

He believes in putting in mutual efforts with complete dedication. He has always learned and guided others to work in ethical ways instead of looking for shortcuts and dishonest methods such as insider trading. Christopher Salis is also a start-up advisor. He has used different philosophies for it, such as Lean Start-up and (GTD) Getting Things Done method by David Allen.

Knowing Chris Salis A Little Better

Another quality of Christopher that separates him from others is his perspective towards every situation as an opportunity to learn and teach others. A perfect example of this is his parenthood experience. Not only does he like being a father, but he also considers it an opportunity to teach others about the challenges parenthood has.

The enormous experience of Chris Salis in SAP and other companies describes his expertise. Also, his optimistic behavior and vision to see situations differently have made him a distinct personality.

The Takeaway

Few business owners begin their careers as entrepreneurs. Becoming an entrepreneur, like building a business, is a process of personal and professional development. And in reality, no one can do it alone, and we all require direction, mentorship, and inspiration. The inspiring journey of Chris Salis will serve as a guiding light on your path to success.



Chris Salis

Chris Salis More Than Just an SAP Master, As an SAP expert, he has been instrumental in guiding ventures through challenges of integrating SAP into operations.