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Chris Salis
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Christopher Salis

Former Global Vice President & Head of Portfolio for Go-to-Market

About Christopher Salis

Joined SAP: 2010

Appointed to Global Vice President: 2013

Nationality: American

Christopher Salis Biography

Christopher Salis is a former Global Vice President and Head of Portfolio for the Go-to-Market of SAP. Prior to that, he was Global Vice President & General Manager, Line of Business Solutions for Procurement, and also fulfilled the role of VP and Head of Global Sales, Line of Business Solutions for Procurement when he first joined SAP back in 2010.

The early career of Chris started with being an IT Procurement Manager at Adecco Employment Services. His Role? — Oversaw the IT Procurement Program across 700 branch locations and global corporate operations. Led the selection and management of IT suppliers through RFPs and contract negotiations. Managed relationships with vendors and strategic partners.

His big early career break came in when he joined as a Manager for Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, and Operational Excellence at eBay in 2005.

After a successful stint at eBay, he entered the SAP world by joining Business Objects (later bought by SAP itself), as a Senior Manager for Strategic Sourcing and Procurement.

The highest role Christopher fulfilled in Business Objects was of Executive Director and Chief of Staff in the Office of the CEO.

And, after that, he joined SAP in 2010.

In short, the career of Christopher Salis has been nothing short of stellar. For more than a decade he has been in the SAP ecosystem, and currently trains SAP-partnered businesses to succeed with the SAP applications and products.

He ain’t just an SAP expert, but he is a startup advisor too. Having helped a great number of startups, he is a mainstay in the SAP community.

Christopher stands out for his exceptional support to clients, guiding them in transforming their businesses and achieving unprecedented growth. His approach to SAP solutions is straightforward yet effective: he employs a blended strategy to maximize return on investment.

intricate SAP ecosystem and its products, Christopher excels at simplifying complexities even in the busiest tech ecosystem that SAP is. This skill makes him an invaluable ally for anyone seeking smoother operational processes. He possesses a deep understanding of which SAP solutions are ideal for different organizations, regardless of size, and his guidance is highly sought after.

Christopher’s expertise has led many companies to gain competitive advantages and enhance customer relations within remarkably short time frames.

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Chris Salis

Chris Salis More Than Just an SAP Master, As an SAP expert, he has been instrumental in guiding ventures through challenges of integrating SAP into operations.