How to Manage SAP Implementation Successfully: Chris Salis

Chris Salis
2 min readFeb 13, 2022


Most organizations rush without any planning and due diligence. As a result, they failed to put a team with the proper experience to handle the implementation of SAP. Chris Salis believes that the proper guidance and preparation of the team to the highest capability. He is an SAP expert. It is essential for them to succeed. Salis has some valuable experience and insights to share with you to help implement SAP successfully.

The SAP implementation does not usually get the senior management’s attention to maximize their benefits despite being severe investments for the firms. The IT management and CFO team often lead SAP projects to manage and control your expenses. Other business functions like Sales and Marketing, Production and Procurement, and Supply Chain have restricted involvement in the projects. They believe that they can’t give their best to what they think of an IT assignment.

Chris has seen that SAP projects are used as a powerful tool for the company’s transformation. The business can drastically improve and need some extra cost. Besides, SAP projects are not considered as just mere IT projects. It should be among the primary business that changes programs needing the commitment of the management to result in changes. Also, the users need to be available to recognize and lead the business to alter initiatives like Shared Service Centers, Sales & Operation Planning, and Global Master Data governance, among others.

Thus, it would help if you needed a transparent methodology to plan, recognize, manage, and track business benefits and communication with responsibilities for a project to be successful.

Moreover, anticipating the problems and staying ahead is another successful implantation of SAP. You can’t implement SAP without conflicts, changing roles, expectations, problems, and issues. Such things can transform any SAP task into a nightmare. Therefore, a project manager must be proactive and several steps ahead of the team. Besides, there is a focus on predicting the problems as it is essential for a project to be successful.

Also, it takes a lot more than people, activities, and managing tasks to managing a project. If you make sure that everything is conducted on time. Great project managers need to understand their business, be aware of the company, and align with business plans and strategies. They must understand the company’s objectives and the goals of SAP implementation. The project manager should be on good terms with the project manager to keep an eye on what is done, whether it is planned or not, and why it is done.

Chris Salis, a veteran in the tech industry, has managed all his projects to prioritize the issue anticipation and issues apart from being ready to mitigate the effects.