What Makes Chris Salis an SAP Specialist?

Chris Salis
2 min readDec 19, 2021


Hard work and consistency are the keys to success. They make a person more confident to accomplish their goals in life. Said that Chris Salis is a person who learned and made it through life like a boss with hard work, intelligence, and extraordinary skills that keep on adding with new experiences he has gained through his professional journey.

Chris Salis is the most reliable business consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the finest startup advisors. He got his education in 1998 from Purdue University, Indiana, USA. Soon after, he started to work as IT Procurement Manager and Senior IT Buyer at an HR solution providing company Adecco Employment Services. Salis handled various projects, which included IT procurement programs and global corporate operations involving seven hundred branches at various locations. Besides, he was also responsible for managing the process of the IT supplier base with the help of RFP and contract negotiations. Also, Salis was responsible for vendors of different categories and managing strategic partners.

Chris Salis took the decision to switch the company after working at Adecco Employment Services for over two years and joined as a manager for strategic sourcing in Gap Inc. in 2000. Salis put his experience and skills of more than four years to use and managed various projects efficiently, and raised the ladder of success with a couple of promotions in line. After that, he joined as a manager for Procurement, Operational Excellence, and Strategic Sourcing at eBay.

Salis gained immense knowledge as a Procurement Manager and operational manager, and after that, he decided to make a big move and joined an SAP company Business Objects, in 2008. There he gets to show his expertise and gain experience as Executive Director and Chief of Staff of the company. He set a new benchmark at Business Objects by handling different SAP analytics tools and technology portfolios.

Moreover, with his advanced leadership skills, Chris managed a division that was newly formed that was responsible for the SAP ventures and SAP ecosystem. In his working period of two years at the SAP Company, Chris owned a C-level engagement of sales after the SAP and Business Objected got merged.

While discussing his startup advisory and business consultant work, Chris gained extensive leadership qualities. It helped several people to grow their businesses organically. Chris worked diligently to help different businesses and startups to help create more opportunities for the people.

Chris Salis believed in utilizing every skill and talent he possessed. He always works to make new and innovative perspectives towards business and startups. His works in Procurement and Strategic Sourcing have established new standards and limits to work efficiently and consistently to get the best outcomes for himself, the organization, his clients, and people.